Vivotex India Pvt Ltd proficiency to renovate many challenges in to opportunity and delivers the best solution for all your work force organization needs.We don’t bother how big or small in any geographic location.


Through our network you can reach a wide base of experienced applicants. Increasing the odds and finding the most appropriate talent which meets your needs.


In distributed locations for managing very large scale projects we provide low cost and high quality software development services which are well developed for managing many projects.

Time Savings

Vivotex India Pvt Ltd developed many infrastructures, management expertise for providing the remote service around the globe, developed tools, methodologies and many working with us.


Vision & Mission

As always, partners grows with you!

In a common goal there is nothing like a mission to unite the people and excite. Vivotex India Pvt Ltd mission is simple. We want to be best in helping employer’s achieve success through the people at each and every step with candidates and as well as the clients. To accomplish there are six core principles that guide you and your business strategy, relationships and behavior.

Our Mission

It is a commitment to optimize the human potential, maximize the people by providing superior solutions for understanding, increase happiness, retaining and developing the best talent. To build the robust and effective assessment and recruitment process enabling technology driven recruitment decision matrix which help all clients and all the professionals who have depth in knowledge of all domains to come together.

Our Vision

For all the organization verticals with globally aggressive and accepted strategies. We deliver the best a high quality yet and cost effective work force solution to all the clients giving them the measurable and qualitative financial advantage in every business process. To different companies we also deliver the best and right professional solutions.


Years of Experiences




Partner Programs



Our Core Values



It is our team that makes us great. All mangers, junior consultants, senior consultants and as well as the division managers focus on a common points to be the best.


We upload and embrace very high standards of professional ethics, trust and honesty.


We are committed to conducting our business in an open. Lawful and fair manner. And we also promise that we will deliver to your expectations.


We delight each and everyone with uncompromising respect, fairness and civility.

Customer Satisfaction

We are working in a people environment for a people business and we are also passionate about creating the valuable relationships with each and everyone we work.


We are responsive and flexible to all employees and client needs.

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