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Vivotex is a leading provider of staff management solutions with services including Permanent Staffing, Contract Staffing, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), HR solutions, Corporate Training Services, Payroll Processing, Assessment Services, and Background Check & Verification.

About Us


Vivotex India Private Limited offers personalized professional HR and IT consulting with wide range of skill sets. Vivotex India Pvt Ltd expert HR consultant’s team has HR (Human Resource) consulting expertise to track, screen and coordinate employ human resource according to the specific human resource demands.

Vivotex India Pvt Ltd is right combination of HR experience and HR expertise to offer complete and total solution for temporary and permanent staffing contract through outsourcing recruitment process. Vivotex India Pvt Ltd goes beyond one dimensional approach to offer flexible human resource consultancy service for all clients HR requirements. Vivotex assure the advice of expert and assistance on your own way forward. In vivotex consultants are highly professional skilled in every industry. Apart from this we have experience in working in many vertical markets and business sectors. Vivotex India Pvt Ltd guides you in many dimensions of design, IT, security consultancy and network.

Vivotex helps excel drive every individual technological requirements and serve complement your accessible teams. Vivotex India Pvt Ltd trained with very high business domain standards and industrial technical and worked with very professional service in information technology industry for several years. This experience is combined with the knowledge of information system and as well as the networking. For your business system make vivotex is best and excellent choice.

For virtual extension of your internal resources in very effective manner vivotex is an innovative concept. Vivotex Pvt Ltd provides very cost saving of more than eighty percent when compared to other on site staffing.

Vivotex India Pvt Ltd offer tailor made solutions to many clients. Apart from this we are consultants to many companies having chunk of experienced and dedicated human resource professionals to deliver the best in the industry. We also believe in capability to idealize and be ingenious at work which translates in to the client satisfaction.


Why Us?

  • We understand and meet the correct needs of client
  • We have well experienced team consultants who are specialist in their own respective fields.
  • Time savings
  • Expertise
  • Aggregate
  • Process

The main core values are Time savings, Expertise, Aggregate, Process.



Vivotex India Pvt Ltd proficiency to renovate many challenges in to opportunity and delivers the best verified solution for all your work force organization needs. We don’t bother how big or small in any geographic location.



In distributed locations for managing very large scale projects we provide low cost and high quality software development services which are well developed for managing many projects.



Through our network you can reach a wide base of experienced applicants. Increasing the odds and finding the most appropriate talent which meets your needs.


Time Savings

Vivotex India Pvt Ltd developed many infrastructures, management expertise for providing the remote service around the globe, developed tools, methodologies and many working with us. For recruiting the right applicants free up your most valuable time and we will work on making staffing service.



Our Core Values

In a common goal there is nothing like a mission to unite the people and excite. Vivotex India Pvt Ltd mission is simple. We want to be best in helping employer’s achieve success through the people at each and every step with candidates and as well as the clients.
To accomplish there are six core principles that guide you and your business strategy, relationships and behavior.


It is our team that makes us great. All mangers, junior consultants, senior consultants and as well as the division managers focus on a common points to be the best.


We are committed to conducting our business in an open. Lawful and fair manner. And we also promise that we will deliver to your expectations.


We delight each and everyone with uncompromising respect, fairness and civility.


We upload and embrace very high standards of professional ethics, trust and honesty.

Customer Satisfaction

We are working in a people environment for a people business and we are also passionate about creating the valuable relationships with each and everyone we work. We also translate the enthusiasm in to compelling us to find the correct and right person for each role and deliver the very high quality applicants to vey high quality clients.


We are responsive and flexible to all employees and client needs.

Vision & Mission


For all the organization verticals with globally aggressive and accepted strategies. We deliver the best a high quality yet and cost effective work force solution to all the clients giving them the measurable and qualitative financial advantage in every business process. To different companies we also deliver the best and right professional solutions.



It is a commitment to optimize the human potential, maximize the people by providing superior solutions for understanding, increase happiness, retaining and developing the best talent. To build the robust and effective assessment and recruitment process enabling technology driven recruitment decision matrix which help all clients and all the professionals who have depth in knowledge of all domains to come together.

CSR is a organization thought whereby organizations put together to the environmental and social concerns in their own work and business connections and operations with their stakeholders. Corporate social responsibility is commonly implicit as being the way through which organization achieve a social imperative, environmental and balance of economic.
At the same time address the prospect of the stakeholders and shareholders. It is also imperative to draw a peculiarity between corporate social responsibility which can be the tactical dealing organization concept, philanthropy or sponsorships and charity.
To poverty reductions even though the concluding can also make a expensive and will directly improve the company status and make stronger its brand. Therefore the perception of corporate social responsibility obviously goes afar that.

What We Do?

The relationships between applicants and clients Vivotex India Pvt Ltd take a pride in reputation for excellence. With all your needs we look forward to hear and assist you. Vivotex India Pvt Ltd provides number of staffing services like IT, ITES, BPO and Non-IT to companies to meet their needs and improve the business by using new age technologies and other tools to build and cut the edge applications.

Across the wide range of skill sets we offer personalized professional information technology and non information technology consulting. Apart from this we also have an expert consultant team has HR consulting expertise in employ, track and coordinate according to the specific human resource demands.

Vivotex India Pvt Ltd also expertise in offering complete solution to permanent staffing, contact to hire and temporary staffing according o the specific human resource demands. We are in this business to recruit and place the strong applicants to many organizations to best employers for the office support along with the technical, management, medical, accounting and many other positions.

Vivotex India Pvt Ltd online expert staff and online job database make the process of matching the right and correct applicant with the right jobs a time money savings and simple business transition.

  • For hired employee we provide professional office space, network and computers
  • The candidates who are selected we will provide with complete technical development needs alone and provide necessary client readiness training
  • From premier educational institutions in India we provide applicants the best experienced information professionals.
  • We search for the best applicant who meets the specific. The right candidate will associate with our team and have meetings over the phone before they get hired.

People:Vivotex India Pvt Ltd recruiters are highly specialized and have good knowledge in every industry and every network.

Process:Vivotex India Pvt Ltd works with client’s human resource and other operation teams to manage recruitment process with all clients’ internal process for consistent delivery.

Resources:For successful recruitment process our team brings everything such as reference checking, research tool, background checking and job board contracts.

IT Staffing: Human resource (HR) services for top level, middle level, and low level.

ITES/BPO/Call Center Staffing: We provide service for top level, middle level, and low level. 

Non-IT Staffing: Vivotex India Pvt Ltd provide human resource consulting for top level, middle level, and low level.


HR & Staffing Solutions
Permanent Staffing

Vivotex India Pvt Ltd commits to identify and recruit the high quality applicants. Based on the description provided by the client our recruitment team helps in identifying the right candidate. Apart from this we successfully present the right candidates with desired skill sets requirement to the correct job position client’s corporate culture and candidates career objectives.

Our recruitment team thoroughly evaluates the personal skills and communication for the right candidates and presents the candidate who matches your project requirements.

Contract, Temporary Staffing

Contract and temporary workers create a positive impact on companies who are looking for a specialist skills and short term resource. In the success of many companies the skills, flexibility, knowledge, experience and expertise of contract the core drivers.

Vivotex India Pvt Ltd delivers contract and temporary staffing service across many industries and disciplines. Our team continues to develop all the services to suit the needs of many clients and applicants.

We offer executive search in the areas
  • Support functions, marketing and sales
  • Software application development
  • Operations, manufacturing, engineering
  • Application maintenance service
  • Financial services, Banking, insurance
  • Open source software implementation
  • Call center services, BPO & ITES
  • Systems administrators, managers, consultants
  • Embedded systems, telecom, networking
Contract-to-Hire Staffing

This service benefits both temporary employee and clients who are seeking long term employment. This gives our applicants the right chance to improve their reliable, hardworking and all real asset the company.

For a temporary employee the right candidate interviews, recruitment process and screening are comparable. However the applicants desire and potential for the permanent position with your company is an advantage qualified prior to the beginning an assignment.

Recruitment Process Features

Vivotex India Pvt Ltd provides clients and entire recruitment infrastructure resource, the people, technology and the process. Our clients with best benefits from recruiting process are more predictable, efficient and consistent.

Therefore the hiring activities can include orientation and coordinating offer letters, sourcing, background checks, screening, interviewing and testing.

Listening carefully to understand your business

The very first step of the recruiting process we take the time to understand about your work and all staffing needs and the special and unique work culture and environment.

Searching for your ideal candidate

Many staffing providers source applicants resumes from the job boards which often result in the submit of unqualified applicants and lengthens the time to fill a position. We expertise and reach to hire the people who fit your technical environment and culture.

Screening and selection process

Generally people waste their time in reviewing the resumes and interviewing applicants that are not thoroughly screened to make sure they are a quality fit. Our selection stage and screening Is one of the most thoroughly in the industry.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Vivotex India Pvt Ltd helps to find the right talent and organization needs by providing the best recruit solutions which will fill to your needs. We take a high standardized approach which make sure the innovativeness and expertise.

Background Check & Verification

At present in the job market more than forty percent resumes are tweaked and contains false information. Vivotex India Pvt Ltd has a specialized team of professionals to serve clients to filter them and make sure that they are getting in an employee what they were promised.


To everyday business technology is playing a vital role and it is specially positioned to deliver hard to find the information professionals. We are here to provide the expert help whether it the long or short term assignment or a full time or a direct recruit position.

In a project implementation the project development influences the cost and time. Vivotex India Pvt Ltd is always here to serve all wishes and all essential needs including technological orientations. Apart from this we believe in cooperation with our customers and bring an effective and visible out come.

Application Development

Vivotex India Pvt Ltd experienced team executes the software solution by giving valued clients a sustainable spirited advantage. Our team able to navigate all the platforms and technologies to choose the most update and win solution. In major industries have the best solutions to meet the most challenging information requirements.


Our testing offers comprehensive suits of software testing which helps in reducing the defects and improves the quality and application in production. Apart from this or team also enable us to provide innovative solution to customers testing concerns with client challenges and all business values.

Corporate Training


Vivotex India Pvt Ltd focuses on providing the world’s best class service to company that remain competitive. We are successful in providing the world’s best class service to the clients. We have immense expertise in the field of corporate training and experience. We productive and build skill workforce to meet the challenges of global business competitions by corporate.
We are ready to provide the comprehensive set of training solutions to achieve the sustained growth in your business. Our team is qualified and delivers the best skills set to the companies across the world.
Apart from this we also provide the development of communication skills and corporate training, accent and voice, interview skills, fluency, presentation skills, soft skills.

Payroll Services

Vivotex India Pvt Ltd service enables clients to handle the own recruiting to save the money. With us the expertise and administrative support are the best ideal solution for:

Enlisting an independent contractor: Vivotex recruit and processes the payroll for your contract and moderating the workload on your finance team.

Solid results & simple process: Vivotex India Pvt Ltd made a program very easy and effective. You can refer applicant to the vivotex and the vivotex becomes the employer record. Apart from this we can handle the time consuming aspects of payroll processing for the employee. Whether you are recruiting for a whole team and one person payroll service provides and improves hiring flexibility while reducing the cost.

Why payroll with Vivotex

With over 5 years we are established team in processing the payroll for international and local clients the payroll outsourcing process is accurate and as well as simple. Vivotex clients are both large and small and can process the 1000+ pays in one pay.

Vivotex Experience

By providing high quality talent to each and every business clients Vivotex India Pvt Ltd helped around 500 companies.

  • Vivotex India Pvt Ltd permits all the excellent talent across many locations, we rapidly rise global footprint and get to access to all local resource and support many global projects.
  • Vivotex also gain many long term strategic partners, with many clients we deeply committed and make sure executive oversight in every engagement.
  • Apart from all these we also range of models to fit budget and needs
  • To get the best talent we also provide the customized and dedicated team.


  • To meet your company goals we provide diversity programs.
  • When you engaged with vivotex you get top performing supplier.
  • We also developed retain and attract quality to make sure a streamlined right and experience resource for you.
  • With our skill based and domain competence get the right and best talent quickly.


VIVOTEX experienced team of recruiting professionals is here to make your transition positive and efficient. We’re committed to a recruiting process that is streamlined and private.

Application Form

We leverage our partner’s domain expertise to enhance and strengthen our offerings.


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